Please do your own search ” google search “
and learn about the Moringa trees and seeds.
I pray that you will not let this information die !
A tree that needs to grow in dry soil , just what
the doctor ordered for starving children world wide.
Imagine a tree that could feed millions for pennies
and a bit of loving care. Imagine for less than 10
dollars you could start a food revolution. A tree
that’s leaves are edible … to feed and supply a
whole village with water. Imagine now that this
same tree had it’s own way of purifying water
without toxic chemicals. In the name of Jesus
and His great compassion I pray that you will
share this material with all ministers, missionaries,
and people struggling to help all starving people
world wide …Amen.
PS ,,, please don’t start stupid comments like it will
cure every disease … just on hunger alone merits
it’s spread of knowledge nation to nation ….
Love In Christ brother Scott Gibboney.

* * *

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Filthy Rich But Not As The World Sees Rich

LET ME BE TOTALLY UP FRONT I’ll NEVER NEED A DIME FROM YOU NOR ANYONE ELSE ! While the world views myself as poor truly nothing could be farther from the truth. The plain truth is that I’m filthy rich in knowledge … in ways to feed a very hungry world. The normal hard working missionary will tell you much about God and His amazing Love … which is wonderful but as for myself …. I too have a calling. A calling I am sent to present till my last gasping breath … you see I’m not here to collect a penny …but I am here to feed the many … I am here on a mission of compassion, I am simply here to serve you and others that many need not suffer …All Glory Goes To God.

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———————————————————————————————— Final Pretty Please


Please understand, I am not heartless. But a some point reason has to take over. How far can the money of one person carry the vast problems of the world …not very far my friend …not very far. So my solution is to combat the evil of hunger and ignorance with solutions that are helping 10’s of thousands right now .

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