God’s Provisions Vs Dependency On Money No Contest

Day in day out you will hear many preachers say that
their ministry can’t make ends meet without large
sums of money….dare I say you can do better.
Correct me if I’m wrong but if Jesus came to
set the perfect example of a life without sin
then why did he mention money so little.
Here was a man that said go look into the mouth
of a fish ….remember that story.
Then I am reminded of the story about a man
that didn’t build his house upon the rocks
but sand … it didn’t last very long.
So what can you really do without cash,
well for starters we can educate people who
are literally starving more because they simply
fail to know about highly nutritional food growing
wild right in their own backyards of the own countries.
Fact , thousands upon thousands of people are giving
but it often is mismanaged or lost or just plain stolen.
So what are God people to do ? Let me offer a few ideas
here, it’s not that I am better or smarter I simply have
been blessed with a few cost effective ways of feeding
thousands with little need of currency.


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