A few thoughts on taking ones own life

I have seen up front and personal when some

of the nicest Christians get mad because they

didn’t get their way.

Then decided God wasn’t fair for not rolling

their way. Each seemed to send a message

” I don’t want what’s real , I just want my own way. “

I loved those people and I surely believe God did too.

But they refused to walk with God and demanded

their own way. I miss them I cherished them but in

the end they held more power than they knew.

Please look at God’s path before you decide that

you know better than He. I believe God will provide

alternatives for each burden all may have.

Love yourself enough to be open to God’s way .

Love In Christ brother Scott

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A Secret Tree That Many Will Steal As Their Own

What lies beyond this poster has been lost for centuries.
Somewhere below the equator is a secret tree.
A tree many will steal and want to get rich off of.
A tree that God has called myself to share.
A tree that God showed Moses to purify water,
plus a tool for Africa that’s cheaper and easier than
digging and maintaining wells. May God pour out a
tremendous blessing on all who have the compassion to
share …this is my labor of love for God …Amen brother Scott.


* * * *