Why South Africa Doesn’t Have To Be Poor

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See the highlighted links on this blog ?

Each one is a key of hope for Africa and beyond !

Some facts :

Not one country 800 miles below or above the

equator has to be poor because each of them are

perfect for growing Moringa Trees. – Click here

Second Japan has stated that in the next fifty years

that Moringa will be it’s number one source of bio

fuel ( Imagine the markets and profits ). – Click here

Cattle and other farm animals gain healthy weight on

Moringa leaves. – Click here

Most wells are contaminated just after a few months

drilled in Africa, but there is a simple solution.

No expensive toxic chemicals required or even wells have

to be drilled – Click here

For areas that have lot’s of water, but none that’s drinkable

watch this next video for you see Moringa seeds can purify

water without toxic chemicals.

Finally a few precautions that need to be taken :

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